UV Antiglare Lenses

An Overview of UV Antiglare Lenses from Foster Vision

It is critical for everyone to take care of their eyes by going to the eye doctor at least once per year for an annual checkup. At Foster Vision, our goal is to provide everyone in the Portland area with access to an optometrist who will help them protect their eyes. This means using eyeglasses to not only correct refractive errors but also guard against UV rays. One of the tools that we have at our disposal is called UV antiglare lenses. When it comes to these lenses, there are a few points that everyone must keep in mind.


Why Are UV Rays Dangerous?

While there are numerous threats to someone's vision, one of the biggest comes in the form of UV rays. These are rays that are emitted by the sun that have the potential to damage someone's cells, including the cells in their eyes. UV rays consist of light that is at too high a frequency for our eyes to interpret as color. Instead, when these rays strike the eyes, they cause a lot of stress for the ocular system. These rays can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, and other serious health problems that can threaten someone's ability to see. That is why it is important for people to invest in UV antiglare lenses.

How Do UV Antiglare Lenses Work?

One of the ways that people can protect their eyes is by using UV antiglare lenses. These lenses are designed to block UV rays from reaching the eyes by preventing them from passing through the lenses. These lenses are polarized to prevent light of a certain frequency from passing through. In addition, these lenses also prevent the glare from road pavement, snow, and water from reaching the eyes. This makes it easier for people to see, which is an important safety benefit. In this manner, UV antiglare lenses present multiple benefits for people who are looking to protect their eyes. This is one of the reasons why we recommend these lenses to people who use corrective lenses for vision problems.

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At Foster Vision, our goal is to ensure that everyone in the Portland, OR area has access to an eye doctor who will help them protect their eyes in the future. While we understand that many people need corrective lenses, we also want to provide our patients with tools that will help them protect their eyes in the future as well. If you are looking for eyeglasses, contacts, or other ocular needs in the local area, reach out to Foster Vision today to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!


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