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Naturally, a lifetime of clear vision is the optimal goal of all of our patients, and our mission is to do everything we can to help promote your success. With regular comprehensive eye exams, our optometrist in Portland can identify any needs you have for corrective vision and help detect any early signs of eye disease and even certain physical health issues. The array of services we offer at Foster Vision
makes us the ideal choice for all of your vision needs.

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Comprehensive Eye Examsin Portland for the entire family

Our optometrist has the experience and modern state-of-the-art equipment to provide patients ranging from infants to seniors with the finest eye care. Beyond determining if you need vision correction lenses, we will also examine your eyes to check for any indications of certain eye diseases. Whether you need a checkup or a back-to-school eye examination in Portland, you can count on Foster Vision to meet all of your family’s comprehensive optometry needs.

Modern Lens and Frame Options for All Lifestyles

We have access to all of the most innovative and modern lens options for eyeglasses today. Need high definition lenses? Check out the benefits of ZEISS, a leader in lens options. If you’re looking for clear no-glare lenses, we may show you the benefits of Essilor brand. GUNNAR computer eyewear is ideal for those needing optimal vision while working at computer or LED screens. However, if you frequently head outdoors, Transitions lenses might be the perfect match. We offer eyeglass frames in all styles and colors including the hottest designer labels. Whether you need sports glasses, sunglass, work glasses or just every day wear glasses, you’ll get free eyeglass adjustments for life!

Contact Lens Exams

If you want to have a daily or occasional option to traditional glasses to better suit your lifestyle, contact lenses are the perfect choice. Our Portland optometrist will only need to take a few additional measurements during your eye exam to ensure your contact lens prescription is a perfect fit and suitable for your eyes. Our optometrist can handle hard-to-fit cases, astigmatism, keratoconous, dry eye situations and post-LASIK contact needs.

Eye disease diagnosis and treatment

During a comprehensive eye examination, we can run tests that have the ability to detect certain eye diseases such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. Caught early enough, we can help stave of these conditions. We can also often see signs of underlying physical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Pre and Post-LASIK Consultations

If you are considering LASIK surgery and need a consultation or referral, our Portland optometrist can help. Whether you need an examination to determine if LASIK is right for you or need to follow up after your procedure for a checkup, contact Foster Vision.

Eye emergency

If you have an eye emergency, Foster Vision will help you back to recovery.

Contact our Portland Optometrist at Foster Vision

Here at Foster Vision, we can handle all of your family eye care needs ranging from emergency care to traditional eye and contact lens examinations. We accept most major insurance plans are currently accepting new patients. Contact us today at 503-546-4460 to
schedule your appointment with our eye doctor in Portland. We look forward to helping you see the world more clearly for a lifetime.

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